HOMEFIRE: Heating With Wood in the 21st Century


Finally. A book that answers common questions about heating with wood, including: Is it cost effective? Wood or pellet? Stove or fireplace? What does WETT certified mean? Is it safe?

Purchasing a wood stove or fireplace is a major investment that will bring a warm return for many years. The question is, will the return be what you had hoped for?

Who can answer all your questions, and can you trust them to be knowledgeable, objective and truthful?

Meet the Author


David Stobbe

David Stobbe is a WETT-certified inspector and installer of solid fuel appliances, with 20 years experience in the industry. He owns and operates a home heating business called The Chimney Specialist on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. He also offers seminars on safe burning practices and other topics related to solid fuel. His motto: “Is it safe?”

Born in Manitoba, David is no stranger to the cold. Winter winds howl across the prairies, working their way relentlessly through any chink or crack in a house.

Relocating to the Yukon, the trusty wood stove remained a close companion.

In 1998 David migrated to the East coast of Canada, and in 2005 founded The Chimney Specialist.

Since 2008, EPA standards for wood stoves have become mandatory in some provinces. Insurance companies now require proof of building code compliance, through WETT certification.

It is this series of changes, combined with seeing many deficiencies in home heating systems, that led David to write Homefire.


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